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Our creative solutions in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating and electrical services cater for both the domestic and commercial sectors, and we pride ourselves in providing the best result for you.

Air Conditioning installation London

All Air Conditioning system units installed by Crystal Sigma Ltd are fitted on Anti-Vibration rubber/plastic feet to increase airflow and performance, and decrease any noise caused by vibration and damage due to flooding or build up under the unit.

We recommend that one of Crystal Sigma managers visit your home to give you the best practical advice about your Air Conditioning installation. We can recommend the correct size for the area and the best installation place to get the most out of the Air Conditioning unit. Contact Crystal Sigma Limited today to organise your no obligation/no call out fee quote.

If you are looking to cool or heat just one room, or if your home design does not allow for a ducted system, wall mounted split system air conditioning in London is the best choice for your homes.

With these systems the fan coil unit is mounted inside the room (indoor unit), and the compressor is placed on a flat surface or wall mounted outdoors (outdoor unit).

Wall mounted split system air conditioning (commonly shortened to wall mounted air conditioning) has the indoor unit mounted on a wall. They are reliable, easy to install and are the most affordable type of split system air conditioner.

Multiple split system air conditioning (or multi condenser) comprise several wall/cassette/ducted split devices powered by a single outdoor unit. They are an ideal whole of home heating and cooling solution when individual single split system cannot be installed.

Cassette split system air conditioning is designed for installation into narrow false ceilings delivering two or four-way air flow – the only part of the indoor unit visible after installation is a decorative fascia. The indoor unit doesn’t take up valuable wall or floor space, and, depending on the model.

There is one more type of split, floor mounted systems have the indoor unit mounted at a low level on a wall or can also be mounted directly on the floor.

All installations done by Crystal Sigma are covered by a 3 year manufacturer warranty. We at Crystal Sigma Ltd offer reliable, ongoing maintenance and should you have any issues, we will go extra mile to get the problem fixed on time. With Crystal Sigma you can be certain we will professionally take care of the installation from start to finish.

Our team of engineers are fully qualified, insured and are up to date with the latest split system technology and tools. All brands that we install are of high quality to tolerate our harsh climate and comply with British standards.