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Ventilation System London

A healthy and well circulated air flow is important for health and safety – so it stands to reason that the ventilation of a living or work space is absolutely essential for it to be a healthy environment. Having a good air ventilation system can have a considerable impact and improve conditions. Whether you require a ventilation system to provide a constant supply of fresh air, remove airborne infection, reduce condensed air, act as a smoke ventilation system, to regulate air movement or simply to remove excess heat - a well designed and installed ventilation provision can assist and make your environment much more manageable. Here at Crystal Sigma, we are highly experienced and qualified in designing and installing systems that solve complex ventilation problems efficiently, comprehensively and inexpensively.

In this current climate of changeable weather, economic downturn and rising fuel costs – it is ever-more important to think about heat recovery. At Crystal Sigma we have a range of Heat Recovery Systems in UK that recover lost heat energy and control room temperature changes, maintaining a comfortable and clean environment. The system works by extracting the internal stale air and replacing it with fresh air from outside. The heating and cooling technology makes sure that the fresh air is at the most appropriate temperature.

Whether you are seeking work or home ventilation systems, Crystal Sigma have the right solution. All our products are from leading manufacturers in the ventilation industry – Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Vent-Axia and Nu-Aire. Having installed many domestic ventilation systems, our experienced engineers can advise on the best units and best location to make the most of air circulation in your home. And being the providers of industrial ventilation London businesses, offices and production spaces have been choosing for years, our knowledge of commercial air management is second to none.

Our qualified engineers have a wealth of experience in the design and installation of systems for commercial and domestic ventilation in London, whatever the building type or its usage purpose.

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