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Domestic Air Conditioning

Our creative solutions in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating and electrical services cater for both the domestic and commercial sectors, and we pride ourselves in providing the best result for you.

Domestic Air Conditioning London

Understandably, the home is place where one can retreat to for relaxation and comfort, following the bustle of everyday life – this relies on your home environment being conducive for relaxation. So excessive temperatures, be they too hot or too cold, are simply not acceptable and the importance of this should not be underestimated or overlooked. Crystal Sigma offer domestic air conditioning London homes require for making the air more manageable. And with over 20,000 successful air conditioning installations successfully undertaken, we know what we’re doing and we do it well.

From the moment you contact us for your FREE quote and consultation, it will be abundantly clear that we are committed to providing you with the right temperature controlling solutions in a customer-focussed, friendly and highly knowledgeable way. Our qualified experts understand domestic needs and limitations and have a detailed knowledge of a range of systems and solutions, so the advice you get is full and specific to your home. This enables us to produce an air conditioning system design that works in harmony with the structure of your home and the patterns of its usage. Whether you need a well-ventilated domestic recreational space or domestic work space, Crystal Sigma will tailor products to suit. For example, we are highly adept in providing computer room air conditioning London homes, to ensure that your home-based work station meets health and safety requirements.

As our customer, you are always provided with a comprehensive, personable and approachable service with a number of unique benefits. We do not just install your tailored air conditioning unit, but we provide a distinct maintenance and aftercare service with up to a 5 year warranty and comprehensive service cover. Thousands of customers have trusted in us to make their environment more habitable for them and it gives us great satisfaction in making that happen.