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Our creative solutions in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating and electrical services cater for both the domestic and commercial sectors, and we pride ourselves in providing the best result for you.

Good Energy Saving Investments

If you are considering to do some restoration? Or in a process of replacing old appliances? Consider these energy efficiency propositions when you make purchases.

Install a Heat Recovery Unit

A heat recovery systems UK is permanently installed in loft and draws cool air into your home through the windows while forcing hot air out through your loft vents. Use after sundown when the outside temperature drops, and in the early morning to cool your house and help reduce your air conditioning use.

Install Window Screening

Install yard covers, sunshades, and solar window screens to shade your home from the sun. For further future savings, use cleverly planted trees, shrubs and vines to shade your home.

Solar control window films applied to existing glass in windows and doors is an effective technique to reduce highest demand during hot months and save energy anytime air conditioning might be required. In addition to the energy supervision benefits, the use of these screens can also reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation and reduce brightness.

Invest In a New Air-Conditioning Unit

When your home or business needs a professional and reliable air conditioning company, approach Crystal Sigma to provide the services in London Oxford and Cambridge, and covering all of Greater London, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Crystal Sigma are established, professional and reliable Crystal air conditioning experts, who are also leading providers of refrigeration, air ventilation system, heating and air conditioning service in London. Not only do we advise and install systems in a knowledgeable and efficient manner but at Crystal Sigma you can rely on us to maintain and support them. Furthermore, at Crystal Sigma our priority is getting the right solution for you, so we offer a free consultation and quotation for your business or home requirements. Allow us to expertly take you through the proposed options and help you make a clear and informed choice before taking on a project that will always be professional and satisfactory.

Seal Ducts

Permeable ductwork accounts for 25 percent of cooling costs in an average home or business, so have your ducts tested and have any leaks or restrictions repaired by qualified engineers at Crystal Sigma. Note: duct cleaning is not the same as duct sealing.

Replace Your Refrigerator with an ENERGY Efficient model

Refrigerators with a top or bottom freezer design can save you an additional 2-3% on your bill compared to a side-by-side design.

Increase attic insulation

This is another method to consider in term of making your building cost effective on long term basis. If existing insulation level is less, consider insulating your attic with latest energy efficient requirements.

Inexpensive Energy Solutions

Make a quick trip to your local hardware store to obtain economical energy-saving tools and equipment.

Replace Air Conditioner Filters

Unclean filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run extensively, increasing energy use. Replace filters quarterly for maximum benefit.

Stop Leaks

Weather-strip, seal, and fill leaky doors and windows and install foam gaskets behind outlet covers.

Choose ENERGY Efficient Products

Buy ENERGY Efficient certified table lamps and light fixtures, and replace your glowing light bulbs that are used more than two hours per day with ENERGY Efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. For example, install compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs in your doorway light if you leave it on overnight.

Install an ENERGY Efficient programmable thermostat.