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How to Service Air Conditioning system in London

Every Air Conditioning System is put together in a different way. Before dis-mantling an Air Conditioning you have to know where the latches, clips and screws are at. If you are not aware of what you are dealing with it is highly recommended to contact professional such as Crystal Sigma Limited.

Basic Air Conditioning London Problems:

If either or both of your copper tubes to the condenser are icing-up, you either have a choked-up blower, or there is leak somewhere in the Air Conditioning system. Now the question is how to know where the problem is? If the internal unit is throwing a decent burst of air, your blower is fine. If that air is luke-warm, then you have a leak in one of the inner's copper "bends".

Leak in Air Conditioning System

For a leak in copper tubing, you have no choice. You have to call Crystal Sigma Limited, where we will have to repair it and check by applying pressure to see if it did the trick.

Dirty Evaporator:

For a blocked Fan Scroll in Air Conditioning system, this requires a lot of will, patience and time, along with knowledge of how to take the inner apart, and how to deal with electrical equipment’s. You will need a clean cloth, a brush, a Coil Cleaner and a thin Phillips screw-driver. When you have stripped-down the indoor unit, (while it's still on the wall and everything - make sure you have switched off all the breakers leading to the Air Conditioning first) clean the delicate "evaporator coils" with Coil Cleaner and brush. Until the copper tubes behind the fins are clearly visible. Do this very gently; else you will twist the delicate aluminium fins. Next, the fan scroll. Clean the vents, the best way you see appropriate. With a thin screw-driver inserted between cloths, make sure all the vents are free of dust and filth. When you are done with that, insert a thin plastic tube (1/4") into the drain-hole, fill it up with water and blow it out, 3-4 times, until you are confident the drain isn't clogged with fungus, dirt, etc.

It always recommended to seek advice from specialist air conditioning maintenance company Crystal Sigma Limited; our team of engineers are fully qualified, insured and are up to date with the latest split system technology and tools.