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Our creative solutions in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating and electrical services cater for both the domestic and commercial sectors, and we pride ourselves in providing the best result for you.

Reliable Air Conditioning Engineer London

We are all aware that the temperature at the office has an effect on our productivity. It may not be obvious but you may lose more than what you think when you are undertaking your maintenances or breakdowns leading to HVAC system fully or partially shut down.

Crystal Sigma Limited Air Conditioning is the UK’s expert, in providing support to businesses and offices with emergency and planned HVAC support when general maintenance is scheduled or an emergency breakdown takes place.

How does Air Conditioning System Works

We at Crystal Sigma Limited understand the necessity of an efficient and productive staff, which is one of the key assets to an organization. Whether it be your employee at the office or your staff working in an outdoor area, we provide with the required climate control equipment to keep all your employees comfortable and relaxed, wherever they be!

For years, Crystal Sigma Limited has worked with different industries, thus achieving an extensive experience in dealing with different types of sectors and trades. With this level of skill, accompanied with our qualified and well trained employees, we guarantee to provide the most economical, efficient and cost effective Air Conditioning System for your needs.

Crystal Sigma specialize in providing support and maintaining Server Rooms. Computer equipment produces heat, and is sensitive to heat, humidity and dust but it is also the need for communications and networking in the modern day to day business. Maintaining a steady temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to Computer system consistency.

Every corporate is dependent on its server rooms and data centres for consistent communications. It has become exceptionally necessary to keep all the equipment in these rooms at their required temperatures and humidity at all times.

Crystal Sigma Limited recently had an opportunity to work with two major clients in London who required their COMMS rooms and workstations to be cooled when their HVAC system was undergoing refurbishment. While the renovation was going on, the expert installation and service done by Crystal Sigma Air Conditioning team supported the entire communication system by keeping their server rooms and its equipment at the required controlled temperature.

Crystal Sigma Limited offers affordable and trustworthy portable air conditioners for data centre & server room cooling. If you are interested in knowing or enquiring more about server room and data centre cooling, our London Air Conditioning specialists will help you in evaluating the cooling needs as per your space and suggest you with the best solution.