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Source of Heating in London

No matter where you are residing in London you will need some form of heating as the winters in all regions do have very cold spells. Air conditioning is available but most individuals consider it to be a luxury and manage without it.

Many buildings do have a central heating system and this can be powered in a number of different ways. Popular possibilities include gas, electricity and now renewable energies are becoming common. It is estimated that around 85% of homes in London have some form of central heating.

Currently the most common form of heating is electric powered. Many have chosen for storage heaters which make the most of cheaper electricity during off-peak hours. This is not the best decision for older buildings which may not have good insulation. If you have electric central heating then you should ensure that the electricity supply is adequate to power it, you may need to upgrade to a higher rate. If you choose for a crystal air conditioning units you can also use this to heat the house and you will find that these are more energy efficient. There are reductions in the taxes paid if you choose for air conditioning in London over a standard electric heating system.

Gas heating/boilers are very popular as compared to electric air conditioning. It is very cost effective to run and the system that powers the heating is usually small and easy to place discreetly in the property. If you are in an area where there is no mains gas you can choose to have a gas tank installed on your property but it must be a minimum of 10 feet away from the building.

Alternative renewable energy sources such as solar power can also be used to heat your home, but most individual use it in combination with other energy types such as electricity or gas. One of the main reasons that property-owners are put off with this type of energy is that it costs a great deal to install. Even a simple system which functions your lights can cost several thousand pounds. There are some grants available to London homeowners and once in place the system should be functioning for decades.

There are a wide range of air conditioning systems available, with fixed point systems and portable systems both very popular. If you are thinking of installing fixed domestic air conditioning system you might need to contact your local council to discuss the planning permission for heat recovery system in UK. It is worth calling Crystal Sigma limited to arrange free survey for air conditioning and ventilation system. Another option which is cost effective is a simple ventilation system and many homes in the warmer regions of London have these installed.