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Our creative solutions in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating and electrical services cater for both the domestic and commercial sectors, and we pride ourselves in providing the best result for you.

Unfolding HVAC

If we need to have Heating in London or Air Conditioning in London or if we are planning to install ventilation system in our premises we should understand the basic principle. HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems function better when combined with other mechanical equipment and communication devices (e.g. remote control, Intelligent controls or sensors). The basic HVAC equipment provides the essential applications such as heating and cooling. But if we understand the concept we can make worth of our time and investment for Air Conditioning installation.

Heating, cooling, ventilation, filtration, humidification, dehumidification, fresh air intake and exhaust are a part of some HVAC systems. However, sequence of operations controlled on location or by remote access utilizing sensors and timers do reduce energy consumption and improve an occupants comfort as well as protect the real estate and electronics in the buildings.

In the most region of the United Kingdom we are fortunate to enjoy the four seasons. The thermometer drops to zero and the Heating Systems in London are cranking. That is the best time to be indoor. Don't you wish it was summer already? If you are lucky and your HVAC system humidifies, you are in good shape. If you want to leave your window open for some fresh air your electricity bill will heat roof for excessive use of Air Conditioning in London.

Finally when winter is over, it brings joys in everyone’s lives. It requires using a little bit of everything from your tool box of tricks provided by Crystal Sigma Ltd: heating, humidification, dehumidification, cooling, fresh air, exhaust and filtration.

Summer can be quite challenging, it can be too hot sometime the temperature rises to 30 degrees. Air conditioning in London plays vital role during these periods, and if you don’t maintain Air Conditioning unit them on regular basis then you are in trouble when you want the units to perform at the highest level.

At Crystal Sigma Ltd we specialize in air conditioning improvements, repairs, installations and controls. In the winter, some older overheated buildings in Central London have their windows open and the air conditioning on, but they are not uncommon. Economical solutions are available to reduce waste and help maintain cleaner environment, such as Fresh air dampers, programmable thermostats and low ambient controls.