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Why Internal Air Quality of a Building Is Important

Since we are in the last few weeks of winter, it’s time to think about Hot & Humid weather, leaving windows open, and of course doing some spring housework. Talking of housework, have you stopped thinking how clean the air is within your house? You might be astonished to find that the air you and your family breathe each day may contain pollutants such as Pollen, Mold, Unstable Organic Compounds, Dust Mites, Smoke and Dirt.

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Over a period of time this can extremely affect your health in many ways, including severe allergies, higher threat for asthma attacks via airborne triggers, and illness caused by responses to lethal toxins and microorganisms in the air.

Here are 4 different methods you can stay healthy by preserving indoor air quality in your building:

1. Maintaining Your Air Conditioner - One of the prime things you can do is to clean your air conditioner inside and out on a regular basis. A well maintained air conditioner will not only help keep your air clean, but the system will also perform more efficiently and effectively, thus saving you money and keeping you healthy.

2. Maintaining Air filters – replacing or cleaning your air filters frequently is one of the easiest and most key parts of air conditioner and heat recovery systems maintenance. These air filters play a vital role in protecting against all forms of indoor air pollutants, but if they become saturated, then they can no longer harm.

3. Maintaining Duct – Air ventilation ducts circulate your air throughout your home, office and other building that you might have occupied and happen to likewise be a very attractive place for pollutants such as Pollen, Mold, Unstable Organic Compounds, Dust Mites, Smoke and Dirt. It is important to have your ducts maintained every year to ensure they aren’t harbouring unsafe contaminants that can spread throughout your premises.

4. Maintaining Humidifiers – Correct humidity equilibrium not only means improved comfort, but it also helps to reduce dust difficulties. Low moisture leads to more dead skin and dust in the house, while high moisture can promote the development of dust mites and other health diseases.